A Bad Nights Sleep

Lying here I can hear snoring. Not gentle and soothing, oh no, but raucous and in my ear.

I toss and turn to shut out the sound, pulling pillows over my head and humming silently to myself.

I try meditation but the noises permeate my Buddhist moment, fleeting as it was. They assault my ears and senses ….. roar, sniffle, snort.

He needs the sleep I know. He’s been poorly and is now on the mend…. I do love him…

Bless him…..



I pull covers up and stuff wads of fluffy blankie in my ears. Muffled zzzzzz’s seep in. It’s quieter. I drift off to sleep. The makeshift earmuffs fall off my ears and I awake, shocked, confused, to the window shaking onslaught.

Shall I get up? No. Too tired. I may wake him

He needs the sleep.

Tossing and turning all night, blankie now wrapped around my head, I finally drift off

ten minutes before the alarm goes off, and the now well rested Alsatian wakes me for his morning walk.

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