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It’s A Knockout


This young man knocked me out for a sec tonight…Sort of. Now waiting to see if I have a black eye in the morning and any teeth left on the left hand side.

Was out with Rob on the night walk and the two loonies were playing with their football. Darcy is on a diet and is on a lead to stop him eating anything. It’s about 60ft long so he can run around everywhere still but he gets yanked away from food(the neighbours put out whole loaves nearly to feed the birds). So as I walked up near Rob, who was holding the heavy extendable lead holder, Darcy ran off after Hannah so hard he took the lead out of robs hand nearly. Robs hand flew up and the heavy lead holder punched me right in the kisser. Flat down on the floor goes I.

Excrutiating pain all across my mouth, cheek, nose and eye.

Managed to get up and Rob fed me pain killers and put me to bed. I’m there now feeling very sorry for myself.

Next Day……

Feel quite deflated this morning. It’s red, and I appear to have a line under the cheek, the left cheek, upper jaw and nose on that side are puffy and hurts if you touch it, like billy-o (bloody hurts) and when you don’t touch it’s very stiff and I can’t smile…..well, move my face on that side in much of any position actually, but NO bruise. Where’s my bruise?! I hate having pain and nothing to show for it lol. Mr Darcy is at my feet on the bed feeling loved. Wasn’t his fault, the big goof. Rob feels AWFUL as it was him who hit me lol.

One thing came out of it…..its mr Darcy who is more concerned about me. Miss Hannah kept playing, but mr Darcy came straight over and rob said he wouldn’t take his eyes off me and as we walked home, he stayed right under my right hand and kept looking up at me. Was very calm and good.

Mr Darcy does Agility

Hi, Abbie here. Just had to tell you how PROUD I am of our Mr Darcy.

I didn’t want to take him to agility. He is a big clod hopper with huge muscles and a lazy attitude. He is protective over me, hates strangers touching him and has turned into a Mummy’s boy. He’s also a dominant player with other animals. Friendly but dominant. So I’m always wary of crowds of dogs and Mr Darcy. I always take Miss Hannah to the fun events. But that all changed last night when I decided it wasn’t fair on Mr Darcy and he was going to agility.

Jumps, tunnels, ramps and see saws. Heavy, lazy dog with some behavioural issues. What could go wrong? Well, to my slight disbelief, absolutely nothing! He was great with the other big dogs. Ignored the small ones when I told him to. Excelled at jumping. Braved the ramp and seesaw with only a small hint of worry on his first try. Finally flew through the tunnels after I did it first. Even did weaving perfectly.

That dog has the moves! He also didn’t take his eyes off me when on the course and did everything with a wagging tail.

I’m sorry I ever doubted you big boy! You were born to jump.