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A Bad Nights Sleep

Lying here I can hear snoring. Not gentle and soothing, oh no, but raucous and in my ear.

I toss and turn to shut out the sound, pulling pillows over my head and humming silently to myself.

I try meditation but the noises permeate my Buddhist moment, fleeting as it was. They assault my ears and senses ….. roar, sniffle, snort.

He needs the sleep I know. He’s been poorly and is now on the mend…. I do love him…

Bless him…..



I pull covers up and stuff wads of fluffy blankie in my ears. Muffled zzzzzz’s seep in. It’s quieter. I drift off to sleep. The makeshift earmuffs fall off my ears and I awake, shocked, confused, to the window shaking onslaught.

Shall I get up? No. Too tired. I may wake him

He needs the sleep.

Tossing and turning all night, blankie now wrapped around my head, I finally drift off

ten minutes before the alarm goes off, and the now well rested Alsatian wakes me for his morning walk.

AT the End of the Walk

Sell Art OnlineDuring the day walkers would park their weary bottoms, slug from water bottles, and then continue up on their journeys. Dogs would poke inquisitive noses into the bracken whilst their owners stopped to check their map. Couples would rendezvous, shyly kiss and travel on.

The bench stood in its copse. Its wood carrying memories of when it had been a tree. Sounds of the horn blowing through Its leaves as his lordship cantered after the stag. Ladies leaning against its trunk as their beau picked them wild flowers growing around its base. It remembered its pain as the sharp blade of the wood mans axe bit into its bark.

It sat, listening to the rustles of the wild animals. Feeling the wind flow over and around it. Hearing the birds chattering as they flew over it.

It sat and waited for you