Dream – fire

Very strange dream.

There was a forest fire….huge, terrible thing with blazing heat, firemen shouting and spraying, planes flying overhead laden with water. I stood on the sidelines, feeling the heat start to blister my face and suddenly I called out to all the creatures still alive to follow me and I ran.

I ran towards the firefighters who sprayed their hoses towards me and, from behind me, I heard baying and lowing and rustling as hundreds of creatures flew and barged through the bracken after me.

The firefighters made a doorway as I ran through them, still calling, and the water poured down on the backs of the following creatures. From the forest cantered deer, badgers waddling after them, with squirrels bounding in the grass towards me. Spiders flew on silken gossamer silk and birds swooped around my head and ahead. Hundreds of species all running and galloping together, a huge wave of creatures.

The firefighters watched, mouths open, as we ran past and through them not stopping until we got to safety with young stragglers being rescued by hot, kind men, who had a renewed vigour with which to put out the killer flames.

Only when the cool air surrounded us did I slow and stop, looking around and picking up the tiredest and placing them on the backs of the strongest, who then followed me further into safety.


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