It is never too late

I work voluntarily at our local wellbeing centre. Part of my remit there is to help people with computers.

On Wednesday morning a very elderly lady (90’s) came in all bent over and asked if she could use a computer as the booking agency had told her to print out her boarding pass for her holiday. I was a little bemused and assumed she had phoned them as she was umming and erring over whether she could handle the computer or not

After about 15 minutes of doing another of the jobs I do there, I glanced over at her and she looked bright red and very, very upset. I caught her eye and gestured that I should come over now? She shook her head and leant back to the monitor, obviously having trouble seeing it. Thats an easy fix, just enlarge the text so I went over to her anyway

‘Hi. May I help a little?’ I started
‘Oh, I didnt want to bother you but, oh this IS annoying me!‘ she said quietly
‘What is the trouble? Can you log in okay?’ I asked after seeing that she had not even logged in yet
‘Oh yes’ she answered. ‘I mean I have all my details here’ she pointed to a notebook full of scribbles, ….but I cannot get the cursor to go in the stupid space to put my name’
I pulled out the keyboard drawer and clicked the mouse to add the cursor to the name area
She absolutely burst out laughing and laughed and laughed with tears in her eyes
‘I have an iPad! I have been touching the screen all this time and the damn thing wouldnt move! I forgot its a keyboard and mouse!’
Once she was set up she literally whizzed around that computer, printed off her booking slip and almost skipped out of the centre looking forward to her flights next week which she told me she had never done before but it was ‘on my bucket list’.

It is never, never too late to learn new tricks, to travel to new places, or to see new things.  Never forget that!


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