Pollyanna Game

Recently I have gone back to my childhood game of, Pollyanna.

I do not know if you remember the film but, it was of a little orphan who went to stay with her aunt and who, no matter what the trouble, would find something good in it.

She then was hit by a car and paralysed and the people whose lives she had touched, taught her to play the game again.

Obviously there are some times the game does not work, like when at a funeral last Wednesday of a much loved man.  However, on all other occasions it has been working well at stopping depression and of actually making me smile every day.

It seems to make you see things totally differently even when you are not consciously playing.

Give it a try.  Next time something happens, be honest with yourself and see only the good that could, or is, coming from it.

Even the funeral meant that a large family saw each other again.  The gentleman who had died would have enjoyed that.

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