Art PrintsThe angel stood in front of the earth, wings stretched out in a show of defiance.

‘This is my world!’ He repeated angrily. ‘Mine! You promised it to me!’

The entity looked down at him, it’s energy burning all around it as angry as its mood. Such disobedience! He had such plans for this planet. One of his best creations until he had put mankind on it. Now he was determined to remove that mistake, but this child, this good angel normally, stood in his way.

‘Lucifer.’ Heat scoured the Angels body as the entity leaned in closer, ‘Lucifer. Leave this place. Why do you love it so?’

The Angel smiled, knowing he may now get his way. ‘There is so much they are capable of and I want to experiment. Please. Let me see what they do with this free will. Let me see how strong you created them. Let me test their faith and resolve and more, let me play longer? I’ve done all you requested. Let me go further. Ive only just started.!’

His father moved away chuckling. He had no need to destroy mankind. He would just let his son play and they would destroy themselves.

When Alone again,, lucifer turned back to the planet and turned his attention onto nearest city…….


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