Someone’s in the kitchen

someone’s in the kitchen. Hope they are making tea, I’m thirsty!  I can hear the cups tinkling on the saucers. The whoosh of the kettle heating. Teaspoon clattering around the sugar bowl.

Must be Mum.  Father is watching a political broadcast in the back room.  I’m only half listening to it as it’s not a party I follow.  Not that I follow any party really.  Hate politics.  All as bad as each other!  Never done us any good have they?!

Sis is upstairs with a friend. I can hear them chattering to each other but can’t make out which boy it’s about this time.  She has a different heartthrob every day it seems.

I wonder if bro got his job he went after. I haven’t seen him for a couple of days now.  He often stays around his mates so it’s nothing new for him to be gone.  I miss him though.  He has great music on when home.  Obviously I can’t play it when he’s not there. Shame really.

Well, I’ve had my half hour playing make believe. Its pouring with rain. I’m soaking now.  I’ve stayed in their garden too long tonight. I need to get to a safe sleeping place before the drunks come out.

Someones in in the kitchen.

Wish it was me.


    1. Unfortunately this is a memory. When I was homeless I would sometimes slip into people’s gardens after dark and close my eyes, pretending to be a part of a family, before having to slip back to my secret sleeping area. It was wrong perhaps, if only for trespassing, but I was but a child really (just a teen) and so very alone.

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