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yay for glue!

Trying new things is a something I’ve  always been good at.  Never been scared to jump in with both feet first.  Sometimes it’s been fun and sometimes….not…….

but glue gunning?  That’s downright fun.   I’ve never used one before and I’m busy glueing EVERYTHING.

imageI’ve created woolly plant pots for my herbs.  I’ve glued plastic bin liners together to make a waterproof roof for my swinging garden bench.  I’ve also glued more than one finger together.   I’m now looking at all the other jobs in the house not yet done by him indoors.  You know the ones…..simple things like shelves still waiting since he said, ‘of course I can do that!  It’s easy!’ About 6 years ago.

so if you do not hear from me for a while, come and look please…I may be stuck to something immoveable 🙂