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Why did you go #vegan ?

Someone actually just asked me this on Instagram so I thought I’d share my answer here.

I started because of one cow.  

…. I paint animals and I suddenly realised, as I photographed it, that it was going to be dead next time I went there. I wanted to buy it and save it, but couldn’t. 

I’ve not eaten pig for a long time anyway as they are intelligent. 

I realised I was fighting an inner battle I didn’t need to fight….. That I was junking out on processed crap that was making me fat and bloated when I actually love experimental cookery.  So I decided to go full vegetarian. 

I then watched a lot of documentaries on veganism and I like a challenge. 

So here I am.  99% vegan.

The other 1% is the trying to get away from eggs.  I love eggs and don’t know if any alternatives yet.  When I do then I’ll be 100%. 

Are you vegetarian or vegan? What made you start?

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That’s why my husband has been a vegan for many, many years. I cannot resist without meat, but not too much pork or beef… Uhh. I love animals too 🙂

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