The Problem With Love

This story is dedicated to Someone who enjoys my writing, Melissa. I hope you enjoy :). —————- the Problem With Love. She ducked down behind the curtain as he looked up at her window.  The new neighbour.  The Adonis!  The most beautiful boy on earth! Sitting on her bed, homework piled around her, her heart pounding with that …

Beach Sketch

On I run sketch challenges and this month it is a Beach Exercise which you can view by clicking here Sometimes I have a go at joining in.  I do not get much time so try and limit anything I do like this to 5 minutes only Here is my effort for beaches

Getting to Know Laurel Adams

Three things I would like to share about me surround the FINEART AMERICA TONY AWARD (pictured above) as vehicle for having “completed the interface” of my Greater Life Vision in these areas: GRATITUDE, HEALING, DREAMS. THANK YOU so much, Ms. Shores and Tony Murray for reenlivening theFAA  Tony Award II. As the current January 2020 …

Fiction from Abbie


Squirrels chattered loudly across the Oaks vast branches. The large crow ignored them, cawing to the world to beware. Nobody listened to him. He warned the people again, and again. He shouted at them from the trees as they plowed up the fields, pulled down the forests. He dodged their smartly dressed engines on filthy, …

My boat distant Shores

The Yacht

I don’t know why I’ve always been scared of spiders I blame my grandmother actually. she was absolutely terrified and if she even thought she glimpsed one she would scream run out of the room and not go back in until grandpa hoovered. I’m not quite as bad as I used to be, well until …

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