Shiny bright
it glitters like stars as the light catches
she is smiling on a friend just found
head on one side
tongue extends and licks lip in anticipation
eyes furrow as makers name is read
sheffield steel
thank you sheffield
showered and all parts bare
scrubbed clean and raw
sheffield rests on bathroom floor as bath is run
hot water scalding as tested under hand
hair brushing face as she bends over to test the heat
music plays its drone of love lost and innocence spat out
she debates if it should play or not
best left on
toes burn as daintly placed in the steamy depths
makeup freshly applied with black lines streaked around her eyes
red lips stark against the pale skin
tears once fallen stain the face
beautiful in its despair
sheffield is caressed and whispered to
its cold heart closed to all entreaties
thin and keen
in her mind it glows and is her best hope
she tenderly lays it down and up each arm
its sharpness almost a tickle against the skin
she smiles after a small flutter of panic
this is the right way
the only way
water overflows falling into the room below
her tears now washed away along with her black kohl pencil
fears gone
hopes gone
future now set in stone
death with a smile