Today is the start of a heat wave in the UK.  Basically summer, but hotter than we are used to.  I’ve been able to go in my garden due to large trees that help shade us, and the two dogs have laid around doing nothing much.

A member of the site where i work gave us a photo to play with, so I decided to finally pull some paints out again for the first time in a long time.  I’ve not used these before but was thrilled with them!

Arteza watercolour brush pens are amazingly simple and far less bother than the normal oils i paint with.  A small pot of water, a supply of pens, and a canvas, were all i needed.  Easy to take into the garden with me and, to be honest, if i want to do an oil painting soon i can just go over this canvas.  Which i probably will as, when i tossed the water, it went over the canvas and the watercolour is now ruined.  I now have to learn how to seal these paintings.

Still, for simplicity and lack of mess, I’m very happy with these and will definitely do more paintings soon!!

I present you with the Three Ships… An Arteza watercolour painting.