In The Kitchen

someone’s in the kitchen. Hope they are making tea, I’m thirsty! I can
hear the cups tinkling on the saucers. The whoosh of the kettle heating.
Teaspoon clattering around the sugar bowl.
Must be Mum. Father is watching a political broadcast in the back room.
I’m only half listening to it as it’s not a party I follow. Not that I follow any
party really. Hate politics. All as bad as each other! Never done us any
good have they?!
Sis is upstairs with a friend. I can hear them chattering to each other but
can’t make out which boy it’s about this time. She has a different
heartthrob every day it seems.
I wonder if bro got his job he went after. I haven’t seen him for a couple
of days now. He often stays around his mates so it’s nothing new for him
to be gone. I miss him though. He has great music on when home.
Obviously I can’t play it when he’s not there. Shame really.
Well, I’ve had my half hour playing make believe. Its pouring with rain.
I’m soaking now. I’ve stayed in their garden too long tonight. I need to
get to a safe sleeping place before the drunks come out.
Someones in in the kitchen.
Wish it was me.

Sheffield Steel

Shiny bright
it glitters like stars as the light catches
she is smiling on a friend just found
head on one side
tongue extends and licks lip in anticipation
eyes furrow as makers name is read
sheffield steel
thank you sheffield
showered and all parts bare
scrubbed clean and raw
sheffield rests on bathroom floor as bath is run
hot water scalding as tested under hand
hair brushing face as she bends over to test the heat
music plays its drone of love lost and innocence spat out
she debates if it should play or not
best left on
toes burn as daintly placed in the steamy depths
makeup freshly applied with black lines streaked around her eyes
red lips stark against the pale skin
tears once fallen stain the face
beautiful in its despair
sheffield is caressed and whispered to
its cold heart closed to all entreaties
thin and keen
in her mind it glows and is her best hope
she tenderly lays it down and up each arm
its sharpness almost a tickle against the skin
she smiles after a small flutter of panic
this is the right way
the only way
water overflows falling into the room below
her tears now washed away along with her black kohl pencil
fears gone
hopes gone
future now set in stone
death with a smile

Lost Boy

Anguish in her voice the mother calls
child missing for 3 minutes already
heartbeat faster and painful now
she calls again
she can feel nothing
its like he was suddenly stilled
she looks around frantically
scanning her area and beyond
she sees him and races towards
but no
not him
she cries out again
around her
eyes watch and hear her pain
but they have pains of their own
the mother
her heart breaking
screams in grief
her breathing now short and hard
she tries to get away from this feeling
but it will never leave her
she travels past her son
but she does not see him or recognise him
dead already
hidden behind the black veil
she cannot breathe now and thrashes trying to gain her vision
her heart races and pounds
spikes of pain shoot through her and she tries to call again
death reaches in and claims her in its painful gras
above the whale
the skimmer is trying to control the black death
and failing


just a small glimmer of light as the music begins
sultry, deep, bass
into the light moves a leg
stockings black and shiny
her body follows
red lace catching the glint from the spotlight as she moves
breasts high in tight bodice
movements slow and measured in time to the beat
heat moving from flesh to meet the mens gazes
Silk gloves, sliding down
and off
over pink tipped nails
sweat glistens on her neck as she commands the stage
feet graceful as silver studs pop open
she holds the material in front of her like a shield
then it slides in a heap to the floor
men pant in the heat
eyes squinting in the dark
drinks forgotten as pure sex is offered
but not in reach
her back to them now
perfect cheeks move back and forth
dark v on show as she bends and sways
music speeds the band demented
her body swings faster
breasts glistening and leaving moisture on the silver pole
tongue out in concentration she licks her lips
holding the stiff metal between her legs
she slides up and down
in a travesty of copulation
a man coughs but is ignored
her eyes closed as she simulates desire
of each one watching
in their minds
passion denied at home
passion forgotten in some

at a price
the music pitches
she cries out
and moans
acting out her own frustration
back arched
hands grasping the fake erection
the music stops
she stops
head bowed
chairs scrape the floor
glasses clink
orders shouted across the bar
the men look around, embarrassed in the sudden light
legs crossing and uncrossing self consciously
one man looks for her
she has left
and no-one knows her name


another drink?
he smiles, crocodile teeth hidden behind normal ivory
she looks around the club
her lift will be there soon so one drink wont hurt
they laugh and talk about his life in the army
just met but the talk flows well
she thinks he is cute but is glad she has a lift
does she see that glint in the eye
the one that says he is not right
perhaps that is hindsight talking
it is late
the lift has not shown
what to do
he offers her a ride home
the man with the smile and glint in his eye
she refuses
she must have seen something
but what to do
a long way from home
too far to walk at this time of night
he grins and says
he knows she is afraid but he is trustworthy
isn’t he?
again a refusal
and the smile vanishes for just a second
a taxi
he will see her home in a taxi
what could be wrong with that
she looks around nervously for her lift that has not shown
the taxi pulls up outside her little caravan
where she lives whilst working on the camp site
she starts to get out
so does the smile
she says goodnight but he pushes her out ahead
smiling at the taxi driver
she pleads
He’s not with me
She is drunk, too much alcohol says the smile
its late and the guy wants to get home
he leaves the rowing couple to it
the smile takes her key from her bag and pushes her in
they are alone