‘I’m not sure I’ll get away with this I thought to myself as I went to get the knife. I had been planning this for weeks but it’s easy to forget the minutiae …

I knew that, if I could just get the parts through customs without any suspicion, then I could get away with it. I knew they didn’t check all baggage.

If I nonchalantly strolled through checkout without a care in the world…well, nobody would ever know, would they?  If I could just believe to myself I was innocent then I’d look it.

I looked at the carving knife in my hand. Could I seriously dismember him? I mean, thinking about it and actually going through with it…..

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Now that the day had come, I wasn’t sure I’d planned well at all.

He sat in the chair where I’d left him. Eyes glassy and still. Wherever I walked in the room those eyes seemed to follow me, accusingly. I knew they weren’t, obviously! But, well, I wasn’t sure, you know? Had he known what I’d been planning? It was all so much harder when you actually got to it!

Sighing, I knew I couldn’t do it. I would have to leave him there until I got back. After all I’d bought the ticket now. May as well use it!

I looked at the case I had been going to squeeze him into and, humming happily, I packed more jeans.

It had been a silly idea! It had seemed so sensible when I thought it up though. After all, how else did you take a 3ft teddy bear on a plane?’