another drink?
he smiles, crocodile teeth hidden behind normal ivory
she looks around the club
her lift will be there soon so one drink wont hurt
they laugh and talk about his life in the army
just met but the talk flows well
she thinks he is cute but is glad she has a lift
does she see that glint in the eye
the one that says he is not right
perhaps that is hindsight talking
it is late
the lift has not shown
what to do
he offers her a ride home
the man with the smile and glint in his eye
she refuses
she must have seen something
but what to do
a long way from home
too far to walk at this time of night
he grins and says
he knows she is afraid but he is trustworthy
isn’t he?
again a refusal
and the smile vanishes for just a second
a taxi
he will see her home in a taxi
what could be wrong with that
she looks around nervously for her lift that has not shown
the taxi pulls up outside her little caravan
where she lives whilst working on the camp site
she starts to get out
so does the smile
she says goodnight but he pushes her out ahead
smiling at the taxi driver
she pleads
He’s not with me
She is drunk, too much alcohol says the smile
its late and the guy wants to get home
he leaves the rowing couple to it
the smile takes her key from her bag and pushes her in
they are alone